Sheet rubber is made out of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It is available in a variety of colors, thicknesses and widths. Sheet Rubber is designed to provide wear protection for various applications.


Southwest Rubber and Supply Co. stocks a selection of sheet rubber, from Skirt Rubber to Pure Gum, to assist you in your industry need or application. Our sheet rubber has excellent features including: flexibility, lightweight construction, dimensional stability, high strength and abrasion resistance.

Stocking thicknesses: ¼" to 1"

Used to prevent slippage of material along the length of the conveyor and prevent damage to the conveyor belt due to scouring of covers.

Stocking thicknesses:1/16", ⅛"

  • Excellent stretch, creep, and tear resistance
  • Smooth clean finish, free of talc ideal for PSA applications

Stocking thicknesses: 1/16" to 1"

  • provides moderate oil & gasoline resistance
  • very good resistance to ozone & sunlight
  • excellent adhesion to fabric & metals
  • good resistance to abrasion & flex cracking
  • very good resistance to alkalis & acids



Stocking thicknesses: 1/16" to 1"

Used when resiliency, wear and cushioning are required

  • soft, highly abrasion resistant

Stocking thicknesses: 1/16", ⅛", ¼”

Used in applications where higher physical properties are required. Commonly used for gasketing solutions in harsh environments.

  • resistant to both high/low temperature extreme

Stocking thicknesses: 1/16" to ½"

Used for mining and conveyor belting applications where high tear and abrasion resistance is required.